Friday, August 22, 2008

pop art

A few months ago I started a new pop art computer art project. It wasn't for anything in particular (like school or money), it was simply because it was something I really wanted to do.
here are afew examples of what ive done so far.

this one I think will be the most misunderstood of all the pieces because...I could have made it look better but the whole thing im trying to with these things is keep it simple with the brushes and the colors, no filters or drastic lighting effects, so I feel ok with how this one turned out.

I enjoyed making this one cause its very simaller to how I would make it outside the computer.

This is an awesome friend of mine, who has an awesome back tattoo.

And I figured some people might have a problem with a bright pink background, so i made one of myself with it.

I plan on doing more, just gotta find more pictures to go off of.


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Natalie said...

kyle make meee into pop art!