Friday, April 16, 2010

Mega Buddha post!

Yesterday I saw the worlds largest jade Buddha in existance. Its touring and its in town at the homestead Tibetan Buddhist temple.

It was honestly so BEAUTIFUL.

Jenny Bird and Victor took there shoes off and went for a closer look. (no shoes allowed on the stage).

Note the real life white dove infront of it..that wouldnt move. pretty epic. (this is my favorite shot of it ^).

If it comes by you PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT! its free and amazing and inspiring and breathtaking.

We walked around the temple for alittle while...

They had some beautiful and colorful flowers.

Inside was a kind of shrine with a gold Buddha (thats permanently there, not on tour).

These are some things also inside that room ^

These monks were making sand art with these funnels that only let out afew grains at a time...after they finish they destroy it to show the lack of attachment..PRETTY INTENSE!

^colorful sands.

All and all it was a really amazing place and I want to go back and have a picnic or something there...even though its about a half an hour would be nice.

I hope You enjoyed it.

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