Saturday, December 5, 2009

Art Whino at Art Basel.

Art whino came to town from DC to the MIA for art Basel this week. they came to show off some of the most amazing artists from around the country/world! Here are some of them doing some live painting at Urbinte bestro.

It was really awesome to see.

This is Rob Fogle, Really cool and nice dude. Great artist too, I like how his painting turned out alot.
I met up with him at the gallery the next day and he was saying he remembers me or someone like me from somewhere. We started think to it may have been a doppelganger.

Justin Lovato=Line work Genius.

This artist used the same colors as the miami sky in his painting, Just look for yourself. I tried my best to catch it. I really like it.

There were people coming in and looking around, DROPPING THEIR JAWS AT THE AWESOMENESS.

Adam Russell was also super nice and came right up to me the next day at the gallery and introduced himself and didnt seem to mind my very sweaty hands.

Everyone was working super hard on their pieces and it showed!

This was one of the sickest things out there. He went by Gaia I think and he was spraying it on the wall across from the bistro. I went over and introduced my self and told him how sick it was coming out. He was really cool and humble about it too.

this is another favorite, the artist (Bradnon philipson) later took a sip of silver paint-water and spit it onto the canvas.


I love this painting! like Its one of my favorits that was done that day but the artist (Micheal Owen) finished and left before I got there so i never got to meet them and tell them that i liked it, unfortunatly. Its still great work though.

This woman is an amazing painter, I got to talk to her for a bit. Her name is Sylvia Ortiz and her painting came out amazing.

I know how to do this, But personally I dont know if i have the patiance to do it...

As soon as I got there I walked over to James Walker, an amazing artist and a friend of mine who I havent seen in YEARS! it was good to catch up and see him paint in person.

James' Painting was insane! it was SO good. As I was leaving to go home I saw him still working on it which just shows the amount of dedication he has for his art.

...After hanging out for acoupl of hours photographing all the amazing artist I headed over to Charcoal studios where the art whine gallery was represnting.

This wall by Justin Lovato was AWESOME like his line work is sick. And hes really nice and put up with my photographing him and constant compliments and lurking around him.

This is James Walkers wall and it KICKED SOME SERIOUS ASS! My favorite wall.
p.s. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be doing photography I wouldn't have a blog I wouldn't even be doing Pop art portraits.

Rob Fogle

My favorite piece in the show was this one by Blaine Fontana

This artist only goes by WERC, they're from California.

Chris Sheridan, So cool.

Andy Haynes, I know It looks like a simple portrait, but simplicity is not always stupidity. I really enjoy this piece.

Justin Lovato...again awesome!

Nicolas Gracey

Sam Ramos

Rob Fogle

This artist just went by R5 but I know they are from virginia and I love their piece!!! the face is so easy to miss so stare carefully.


Mikel Glass.

Adam Russell. You know Its funny, the first painting video I did, I did something very Very similar to this.

Jason John.

Sylvia Ortiz

My piece was moved around....SO MANY TIMES! really upsetting that that happened.It was still nice to show and see James again.

I took alot of artist cards, I love those things! I want to print my own..

At the end of the day I got to see my friend again, I met some REALLY great artists and people and they were all very nice.

Art basel O9 is in the books for me.

I hope you like it.


Sam said...

YAY! This was amazing. Seriously that was the coolest gallery I went to this whole weekend. =)

Kyle said...

Thank you.