Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god dudes, I just came from the student show at my school and something happened that has never happened..I won...My stomach started to really hurt from me being so overwhelmed and i was shaking so much when i accepted my award and i shock so many peoples hands with my sweat soaked hand...It was crazy, absolutely crazy, It was very overwhelming and surreal..I cant explain it.

heres the piece that won.

I had three other pieces in the show, Ill post them as soon as i get better pictures of them.

on another note heres a chalk drawing i did earlier today.

someone i just met bit there thumb at me while i was walking to the chalk area and i found it funny so i drew someone bitting there thumb and put "I bite my thumb at thi"

I hope you like it.

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