Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello everyone,
Ive been working on some wodd from discarded shelves that I found.

Heres a piece I just started today, its Aretha Franklin.

and heres the fineshed wax portrait I posted last time.

heres one without the flash.

Im very proud that i dint burn myself accidentally with the wax.

I hope you guy enjoy.
And a special thanks to James Walker for giving me a shout out on his page.


nicole. said...

Kyle, that wood piece is beautiful!
I really like it a lot...

&i saw that blog of that guy that mentioned your Jelly art. He has gorgeous photographs/artwork as well.

Very cool. :]

Kyle said...

Thanks, im happy you like it.
im kinda guessing you mean the aretha one cause there both done on wood but that one is only on wood and the other one is wax so i assume you would have said wax one if you meant that one.

yeah, hes one of the artists i really look up to.