Sunday, August 31, 2008

PRINTS?? ugh..i dont know. Yes!

Hello again,
im still working on the epic so there wont be an update just yet...But i do have some prints to show, awesome right?

This is a linoleum print of the great Ian Curtis from joy division, layed of a copper plate.
this is the only good copy i got out of the combination of the two plates.


For a semester i went through a phase of wanting to find symbols to draw or paint that would symbolize change, one of the symbols i thought of was teeth. The lines in the back are directly from goya, ive had the privilege of seeing all his prints in person and they are ASTOUNDING!


This is a wood cut i did as a tribute to goya, I tried creating one of his grotesque creatures.
I also decide to make it Androgynous.



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revolvingaura said...

holy poops dude, i love your teeth print and the yellowish one as well. splendiferous.