Wednesday, August 20, 2008

odds and ends.

Today seemed like the day to go around and have an insane adventure, so i did. i had a friend over who drove everywhere, and in the coarse of driving places odd things happened. while waiting for my friend outside a store i found myself in a moment of introspection.

heres some ideas and things ive been fooling with.


this is a linoleum block im getting ready to carve up for my "Man And The Sea" series, really psyched about this one.



these are acouple of sketches i did in my (hand made) sketch book. the first is eugeen hutz from the band gogol bordello. i saw them live and they are one of the best bands...ever.

the second is the late heath ledger, he was a great actor and i felt very saddend when i found out he died, i drew this after watching him in "Candy".


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One Is Enough said...

the sketch of hutz is pretty great, I must say.